11 Design Ideas & Things To Consider For Perfect Waiting Room

Admit it waiting rooms can be frustrating if the right vibe doesn’t get onto us.

No matter you are in which profession, designing the right waiting room is important in office interior design to grab customers’ attention and give positiveness while staying around.

Below are some of the waiting room design ideas & things to consider that you can do to make your waiting room more exciting and vibrant.

11 Waiting Room Interior Design Ideas

1. Who will be waiting???

One of the first things to keep in mind while designing a great waiting room is to know the visitors in the room.

Customers may vary according to the offices. While many offices may welcome adults only, some may be welcoming older people and others may be dealing with children.

Knowing the customer whom you will be welcoming is the major part when you think about decorating your waiting room area because the most important part is to never let your customers feel uneasy, bored or uncomfortable.

2. The color scheme and the right lighting

Depending upon your guest and your business you can choose the color scheme of your waiting room. But you should choose a color pattern that energizes the person waiting in the room. All the way from the floor to the ceiling, sofa to walls, and the furniture around you. This is the first and foremost thing to keep in mind.

You can choose light color patterns to match up your color of walls with furniture and curtains around the room.

The color of the sofa, table, wall, and ceiling when matches to a perfect combination can give optimism to people waiting in the room. Not only they will be full of positive energy, but they will also build confidence and will never get bored.

If there is no sufficient light in the room, the person waiting in the room may feel dizzy and boredom.

This means we can’t provide a good environment for the person who is basically in our proprietary and compliments for us could be bad.

So choosing the right amount of lighting is as important as choosing the color scheme. Lighting also spreads the color variant of the room properly throughout the room by giving a good texture and tone to the room.

3. Choose Modular furniture

While traditional furniture may give you the feeling of your home, it is good to avoid such in waiting rooms.

Try choosing modular furniture for your office to give a sharp and crisp look. Coffee tables, sofa, and chairs with good finish provide a modern feel to the room.

Try to match the color of your furniture to the color of the largest color portion in the room. The light color of the ceiling and walls can match up the light colors of the sofa. Light Blue, Red, Purple, Light green maybe some of the options you can pick your color from. 

4. Welcome the customer with welcome signs at the door

The first impression is the last impression. As the line says, the only thing you need is to impress the people you meet with is via your first impression. It can affect a large portion.

A good way to impress the customer entering your waiting area is by placing a nice welcome sign at the door. Welcome signs can be aboard in the wall, a rug in the doorstep or some digital screen which pops images or video welcoming the visitor.

5. Area Rugs

Try to put an area rug in your waiting area which has a good color pattern and your guest will never feel bad about it. It rather gives a good look to the room while also adding a good vibe in the person waiting.

6. Seating arrangements and placement of furniture

Placing the furniture in the right way helps not only to utilize the space but also the keep things around the room organized. A sofa can be placed beside the wall while the corners of the room can be decorated with a flower pot or aquariums. 

All the people visiting the room must find a place to make themselves comfortable. Try not to clutter the room with furniture only. Visitors chairs, sofa, tables, coffee table if arranged properly will surely impress your customer and will never get bored.

7. Make waiting active

Many offices provide tablets and iPads with games, digital magazines, and a social app.

This will make the visitor busy. S/he can kill the waiting time by playing some games or reading material in the tabs.

Charging points and standing tables can be useful to make the visitor busy in his/her personal task. Standing tables can be useful when someone needs to get something off the bag or put something in the bag. They can be a handy tool for engaging in the visitor’s room.

8. Artwork in walls

The charm of the room can be increased by putting some natural artwork on the wall.

Paintings or simply some simple artwork can make your waiting room counts. This will also make the visitor busy and with simple but sample pictures you can impress your visitor.

9. Add a Children’s Play Area

Not all the visitor will be adults. Some may welcome children and handling children can be tough work to do while waiting in the room.

Children, unlike adults, can’t sit in the same place for a long time.

You can add up a small children’s area if your room area gives you the space needed. Besides, all the children will get engaged in some kind of play and you will never get bored watching them play. 

10. Offer free wifi

Offering free wifi will never get anyone bored. It will keep the visitor busy while waiting.

Allow them to be on their own and enjoy their mood. The Internet gives us all the thing that gets us excited. A visitor can watch something, read some blogs or can reply to the emails or even do their work while waiting.

11. Pick out reading material (books instead of magazines)

Placing a magazines rack in the office will certainly engage the visitor. Some people like to read magazines either to kill time or to gain knowledge.

Try putting magazines relating the material to your office work. If you are a patient waiting for an appointment in the psychaitric then try putting magazines related to the research, study in such a field. This will surely excite the visitor and also tend to help them while consulting the doctor.

That’s all in this article, hope these waiting room design ideas help.