Travel Packing List – 50 Essential Things to Pack in Your BackPack While on a Trip

Packing a backpack or deciding your travel packing list is always boring or tiring stuff to many of the lazy travelers. It is an essential skill to get ready for any adventure or travel not only from the physical perspective but also from the mental point of view. A traveling addicted person always has the upper hand regarding what to pack or what to leave. 

Before going on a long journey, we will take you to another journey where you can get a clear cut understanding of what should be there in your Backpack. In this blog, we make you aware of the 50 most essential things to things to bring on a trip.

1. Passport


You just can’t imagine an overseas tour without carrying your passport. Without a Passport, you will not be able to enter your travel destination, in case of an international trip. Although you may ignore this, if out for a domestic adventure.

Your Passport also serves as an identity of yours. Even on a domestic tour, you can consider this document to be very handy.         

2. Power Adapters

Must carry power adapters to your Backpack. These adapters are the portable solution to your power needs. Notably, in case of emergency, these are the ones that can charge your gazettes while on your way to travel.

Consider Euro power adapters as they are one of the best and lasts long. Just keep your Power Adapters in a dry space to keep it safe and increase productivity.    

3. Underwear

Don’t forget to add some extra inner & underwear in your travel packing list. These underwear are what you need most after diving in water activities and start afresh journey. Just keep a separate block in your backpack to keep your dirty underwear aside.

It is recommended to use the lightweight underwear, as they are more comfortable for your outing and can absorb the moisture from your skin.  

4. Water Bottle

The essential item which must be a part of your backpack is the much needed Water Bottle. A Water Bottle not only keeps you dehydrated but also a convenient way to collect the water during your long trip. Especially, if you are traveling by airplane just drink from it to keep thirst at bay.

Just keep a water bottle with good quality that can store enough water and keep it cool for a specified period of time.  

5. Headphones

Headphones can be a useful thing to keep in your Backpacks. Apart from providing you the leisure of the music during your long journey, it also proves to be handy to comfort your ears during the plane’s landing and takeoff.

Consider overhead headphones as they tend to be quite solid and cast last long in comparison to their basic lead counterparts.

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6. Travel Blanket

Just put a Travel blanket in your Backpack. During your trip, a travel blanket is what you need to cover your body during the cold hours or just make it a comfortable base to relax a bit.

TravelRest or Coolmax are some of the good brands of travel Blanket. It should be of high quality, lightweight, portable and above all comfy enough so that it just can’t soak you out.   

7. Tissues

Tissues are what you need to keep your hands rough after eating food or any such activity that makes your hands dirty. Sometimes, it may be possible that you are running out of the water during your long trip, in that case, just keep a bunch of tissues in your Backpack intact. 

Tissues are just needed for the traveler to keep safe from the cold or flu. Just recommended for the ones who have some type of allergic levels.  

8. Lip balm

Of course, Lip balm is considered by most of the travelers as a requirement of the Backpack. If your lips get dried or chapped, then lip balms will provide you with the hydration and the smoothness your lips needs. 

Almond, Coconut or Vanilla are some types of Lip Balm that can protect your lips from the sun’s rays and makes your lips heal fast.  

9. Clothes for changing

For a long trip, you should bring with you some pair of clothes. This could be required in case of an emergency or if you have a habit of changing the clothes at a regular interval. 

Just look for the Lightweight clothes as they are very comfortable for your adventure. Ones that fit well to your body especially on hiking trails. Just keep your clothes underneath of your travel Backpack or a separate block inside.    

10. Food/snacks

Definitely, a must pack in your Backpack for your trip. This is because you need some sort of energy for your long outing. To beat the hunger in the meantime, it is recommended to put food or beverage in your travel Backpack.

With popcorn that fits the best snacks among the travelers, don’t forget to include fresh fruits especially apples as the treasure of the energy. Dry fruits are also worth to carry.     

11. Medications/First Aid Kit

If you are diagnosed with some sort of illness, then you must include the proper medicines in your BackPack. Along with the proper Medicos, it is highly recommended to keep a First Aid Kit in your travel Backpack. You never know what could happen, especially if you’re tracking the hills or doing the adrenaline activities.

Just keep your Medical kit with special care. It must include everything basically needed for the on-time treatment. It can range from bandage to the antiseptic creams. 

12. Camera

Surely, you would not like to miss the memory of your travel. To keep the memory alive with you even after completing the tour, you should or must put Camera or other similar objects in your travel Backpack.

A high-quality camera can best capture the moments you enjoy on the tour. Just keep your camera battery charged enough so that you never miss any interesting moments. Consider a camera that can fit on your waist so that you won’t need to put it down in the travel baggage.

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13. Pen and Notebook

Well, on the tour, it is a good idea to take a pen and Notebook with your Backpack. This is needed to plan or modify your schedule in between the trip. Also, if you often forget things and making notes to remember, then it will help you a lot.

Consider using a slip pad rather than a big notebook to make space in your travel Backpack, with the good quality pages. Just put the pen inside the book, so don’t need to rush getting it.   

14. Money in Cash

Money in Cash

What if your plastic money gets stolen or being lost on your way? In those circumstances, you need some sort of Cash to help you around. It may be a possibility that your card is not accepted or it does not work in some places. Just squeeze some cash in your BackPack.

If traveling in a group, just separate the total amount of cash with each person having a part of cash. To the proper management of cash, just use it whenever necessary. Don’t store a big amount of cash in just one place.    

15. Debit/Credit Cards


The Debit or Credit cards is what a traveler keeps with him/herself to make easy payments on the go. No matter where you are, you could be in a fine restaurant or just shopping around, just show your plastic card. 

Just use a separate purse or wallet to keep all your plastic cards intact. Just keep them with your other travel documents and cash. Since these are the ones you need most in your travel, a proper undertaking is necessary for these cards.  

16. Tour Itinerary  

Your tour itinerary is your primitive tour guide and must be kept in your Travel Backpack. To keep you reminded of what to do and making a plan accordingly just bring about the Tour Itinerary with yourself.

Apart from the tour itinerary book, Just save it in digital format such as in your phone, to keep up with your scheduling. It will help to quickly identify the places you are about to visit with the information on the associated transportation.  

17. Maps/Guidebooks

Another important thing to carry forward with your Backpack is the printed layout of the place you are exploring. Actually, Maps are what you need to track your journey to ensure that you are on the right path. Guidebooks are also a good idea to go deeper around the region and hence be a good part of your Travel Backpack.

More phone junkies! just use maps on your phone to navigate through the region to even know the nearest landmarks, shops, etc; Just consider the maps or guidebooks as your initial travel guide.   

18. Glasses/sunglasses

Just put your glasses or sunglasses in your travel Backpack. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the Sun but also a good option to serve as a shield from the dust particles.

Your sunglasses should be attention prone to accidents with the quality of anti-glare and UV 400 protective lenses. Just keep your glasses fix on your forehead or your shirt to make space in your travel Backpack. 

19. House keys

What can be a worse thing if you forget the all-important House keys? Well, your house keys are like your other house members on your trip. Packing these keys in your Travel Backpack is a must for any traveler.

Just use a separate block in your travel Backpack to safely keep your House keys. If you have more keys to your house including the rooms, garages, balcony, etc; just keep all these keys in one single block.    

20. Socks

Try to put some pairs of socks in your travel Backpack. If you are traveling in cold areas then consider thick socks. You can prefer ankle socks in the summertime as these are very comfy. The socks must be of good quality and strong enough, so they do not get distorted.

A variety of compression socks are available in the market that can really comfort your heels such as CompressionZ Compression Socks, Travelsox, Accel Designer; etc.   

21. Device Charger  

One thing that obviously comes in the mind while Backpacking is the charger of your phone. Just can’t forget to include the mobile charger in your list of packing items before going on a trip.

There are lots of portable chargers available which are a good option for your device’s charging needs. Just keep them safe from getting wet. Preferably, use the water-resistant and anti-theft device chargers for an outing. 

22. Waterproof MAC

Sometimes, it is a good idea to include Waterproof MAC in your long listing of requirements before going out for an adventure. This is because of the weather of the destination, which is unpredictable. This waterproof jacket can provide you with shelter from rain or any sudden change of weather.

The lightweight Rainfoil Jackets can be considered a good option that can be packed down into its own pocket or your travel baggage. You can also make a pillow out of it by folding it.  

23. Painkillers

During travel or hiking, it is possible that you may undergo headaches, muscle aches, period pains, stomach aches, stress, etc; To bust these things out, just put in Painkillers in your travel backpack.

Just check out the expiry date of these Painkillers, before putting them into your Backpack. Ibuprofen is considered to be the best painkiller and a must for every travel hiker. It is often called Vitamin 1.  

24. Deodorant

If going to the destination which is more prone to extreme weather, just check it weather you put the Deodorant products in your traveling Backpack. Deodorant can prevent sweating or Bacterial breakdown and hence must be the item to look for before heading for Backpacking.

App trail or Baking Soda Deodorant are highly suggested Deodorants for Backpackers and hikers.  

25. Comb and Shampoo/Conditioner

Just toss in a Comb and some bottles of shampoo/Conditioner in your travel Backpack. Keeping some bottles of Shampoo or Conditioners is a good option to keep your hair dandruff free during your stay.

If running out of space in your Backpack, considers putting the small bottles of Shampoo/Conditioners. Just rub your hair with a Comb, usually, a small comb which is more preferred for the travelers. 

26. A Body Wash 

To keep germs out of your body, just add a perfect body wash to your long list of items to fix them in a perfect travel Backpack. You can prefer a body wash in the liquid form or can use the Biodegradable soap which is the most idealistic soap for Backpacking. 

Consider using the eco-friendly Body Wash which does not leave so many foams out from it. Summit’s Wilderness Wash has been the No.1 choice for the Backpackers for years.  

27. Towel 

Must include a towel in your travel Backpacking list. As most of the hotels don’t provide towels to their guests, it is strongly recommended to carry yours. Consider a microfibre towel to carry with you as it took less space in the Backpack.

Just keep your towel dry so that you can put it in your travel bag. Moreover, you can use your towel to cover your face in dust or such weather conditions. Make sure your towel should be neat and clean before includes in your Backpack.

28. Moisturiser

Obviously, your skin is what most affected by the outside atmosphere. To protect your skin from getting rough, just don’t forget to add some Moisturisers to your travel Backpack.

Traveling with a backpack and hiking trails can lead your skin affected with the dryness that can cost your travel so dear. In the case of backpacking, prevent oily Moisturizers, as well as pick both the heavier and lighter moisturizers due to the uncertainty of weather.  

29. Type of Shoes 

While on the road of adventure, your travel backpacks must have the type of shoes that can fit with any conditions. The shoes that can support all day and night long are considered best for the trip. 

A right pair of shoes will add more advantage to bring about your energy level, provides you with the exercise and moreover, make you feel comfortable to travel experience. North Face Hedgehog, Adidas, continues to impress the Backpackers for the purpose.  

30. Gloves or Hat/Scarf  

If your preferred destination is rather cold or has cold weather, just don’t miss to put gloves and other hot stuff in your Backpack. While the pair of gloves is the ultimate choice, you can prefer a hat/scarf even in hot conditions.

While the hat can protect you from the sunshine by giving shades, on the other hand, a scarf is all you need to cover your head in the dust.  

31. Toothbrush and Toothpaste 

Taking care of your teeth is another useful activity you need to perform if you go four days outing. For this reason, Just carry with yourself a toothbrush and toothpaste in your travel Backpack. Always use good quality mini toothpaste when go hiking with your Backpack. 

Consider using a new and fresh ultralight toothbrush with the extension handle to pack in your Backpack.      

32. Sun Cream

If your preferred destination is rather hot, it is recommended to add Sun Cream or Lotion in your travel Backpack. The Cream protects the skin from the Ultraviolet rays that can harm your skin otherwise.

Make sure your sunscreen will provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays from the sun. However, just choose the right one that best suits your skin needs.  

33. Earbuds

Sometimes it is not possible to silence the loud sound barely with headphones. As a more effective solution, just put Earbuds in your travel Backpack. It may be the times when you just can’t listen to the music for the sake of relaxing, in those circumstances, just fix the Earbuds to your ears to keep the noisy surroundings at bay. Apple brands are some of the best earplugs among the travel hikers.   

34. Swim Gear

The ultimate need for water activity lovers because they have all the reasons to put this in their travel Backpack. Just remember that you can use the same Swim Gear a lot of times, so don’t need to pack more Swim Gears.

Consider using a swim bag if you are a natural swimming lover. Your ultimate swim gear includes swim caps, kickboards, swim fins, life jackets and much more.   

35. Extra phone/Sim 

Keep an extra phone intact with you in case of an emergency. Also, keep a sim card that can work overseas or in remote places. You can use the old but active phone for this purpose.

Just activate your extra phone by inserting a spare Sim in it right after you go for such an outing to prevent the final rush.  

36. Thermal Flask and Cups   

If your adventure includes camping and cooking, then thermal flask and cups are your basic needs alongside matches/a fire starter, food and cooking utensils.

Your thermal flask should be reliable enough to provide you warmth in cold as well as to clean the water from drinking, making tea and preparing some foodstuff.   

37. Torch

Of course, one of the important things you should not miss is the Flashlight which must be kept in your travel Backpack. One of the uttermost essential things for any travel hiker, a torch is the one you need to beat the dark during your journey.

Just prefer a Head torch instead of a simple hand torch to make your hands free for some other useful activities. 

38. Goggles

Just put the goggles in your travel Backpack if you have a craze of witnessing the underwater life. Instead of using the cheap Goggles that can crack any time, just use the reliable and worth of the value Goggles.

Swedish Goggles, Speedo Speed Socket, Speedo FastSkin3 Elite Goggles are some of the best examples of Goggles.  

39. Underwater Camera

Apart from goggles, Another item for the underwater junkies which can make their marine life experience so memorable is to pack an Underwater Camera into their travel Backpack. Just take the photoshoots of many of the underwater species ranging from fish to the lush underneath plants from your high-quality waterproof camera.

Panasonic DMC-FT30, Fujifilm FinePix XP130, Olympus Tough TG-5, Nikon Coolpix W300. are some highly-rated Underwater cameras for snorkeling activities.   

40. Backpack Rain Cover 

Just keep yourself with a shield for your Backpack in the form of a Backpack rain cover. The cover will protect your stuff from the possible rains. You might be thinking of what is the need but it can prove to be a good item in case of extreme weather.

A Backpack Rain Cover can indirectly protect your outing stuff by creating the stoppage of water to your Backpack.    

41. Cap 

Although you do not need to pack these things in your Backpack, a Cap is what you need most to keep your eyes shaded as well as to look like a hiking professional. Most of the Backpack lovers wear cap both for their fashion and passion for hiking.

Just wear a smaller but fit cap rather than loosey one that can wear off from your head.  

42. Reading Material 

During your journey, it is a great idea to pass your time out with the help of interesting books that are needed to place in your Backpack. These materials contain the exciting stories of a specific place or region, historical stories, the initial guide of Backpacking and hiking, etc;

Just don’t pick the book that bores you despite in your leisure time.   

43. Travel Wallet

If you wonder how can we put our important belongings in one bag full of items, then a travel wallet is your answer. Just put all your plastic money, cash, important documents, etc; in one place. 

A travel wallet is an essential extension of the Travel Backpack in which you can put your all-important above mentioned stuff. 

44. Travel pillow

For your comfort of the travel, just put a Travel Pillow in your Backpack. After doing the long hiking with the backpack, surely give some rest to the head in a timely interval by pulling out the pillow from your Backpack apart from the blanket.

A travel pillow should be comfy enough to bring your head quiet rest instead of soaking out from it.    

45. Toiletry bag 

A toiletry bag is what you need to store all your cosmetic and bathroom items. Because these items are needed to be taken with some care, a separate bag is a need for them. 

A toiletry bag should have multiple pockets to fix your all items as well as large pockets to handle the big items. To properly separate your items, just make sure your toiletry bag should have interior zips.  

46. E-book 

Sometimes a paper book can get distorted due to the rush or the high movement of your baggage items, in case, an Electronic book or E-book is the best option. No matter whether you are in the dark or not, you can easily read this book.

Kindle is among the best of the E-book regarded by most of the hikers. You can use its compatible E-book to your Smartphone, laptop, tablets, etc to efficiently read its contents.  

47. Swiss Army Knife

A very useful and essential item for any traveler to carry in his/her Backpack is the multitasking Swiss Army Knife. From cutting your nails to food, opening a can or making a hole, this special knife indeed is in demand.  

48. Portable Hard Drive

There is nothing better than just sit down and enjoy the movies or shows during your leisure travel time. Download a number of movies and store them in your Portable Hard Drive.   

49. Powercube    

Just bring yourself a Powercube. If it is necessary to operate multiple gazettes at the same time, just plug into Powercube and don’t worry about anything compromising.  

50. Padlock

Once you have done with all the things properly packed in your Backpack, the last thing you need is to lock it with a Padlock. This is to make sure that your valuable items are kept safe wherever you go. 

Final Words 

Surely, it is a long list for your Backpacking, but you can make amendments according to your actual needs of hiking. Backpacking can be a lot of fun for those who are specializing and have a passion for it.

If this is your first outing, we strongly recommend taking a guide or trainer with you. Once you are experienced with the nature of the adventure, this could be your line of passion.

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