Best Food Processor in India (November 2021) to Carry Out All Your Food Processing Needs

No matter how fast globalization and urbanization are taking place, or the technology is enhancing day by day, the only thing that has been stable is the food. Food is the most essential thing of a living being and for humans, we are bound to have food not only for energy but for healthier living. 

What advancement in technology has helped is how productive food making can be unlike the old days where we were limited to certain foods. Now day by day there are a variety of foods available from mixing and the addition of different foods. 

We have come to an era where we have now different sets of food processors to make our food making the process an easy one. There is a variety of food processor that has helps us to create different flavors of food. The food industry has grown up and no we are available with different sorts of food processors that we can enjoy. 

So what is a food processor? Say you have to make carrot juice. How can you make it? If you were in the old days you should have done some traditional bamboo sort of things to crush the carrot and take the juice out of it. But now you can easily make carrot juice with the help of a grinder or a mixer. 

Either you are a food industry professional or a normal housewife who needs some product to ease the kitchen life we have jotted down the best food processor in India that you can buy in November 2021. 

Here are the 10 best food processor in India

1. Usha FP 3810 Food Processor 1000-Watt

Usha FP 3810 Food Processor 1000-Watt

Usha is one of the trusted brands known for manufacturing various household and electric appliances. And no doubt the number one on our list is Usha FP 3810 Food Processor.

It helps you to complete the task of a food processor like kneading the dough (hygienically), chopping the onions, kheema. vegetables etc. it will help you in, slicing, shredding carrot, reddish, etc will make it easier to making finger chips, whisking curd and eggs.

It can be used for peeling potatoes and peas as well. It comes in proper locking, built with an excellent locking mechanism to ensure food safety. Without proper locking, food will not start to process.

It essentially includes six food grade reversible blades (fine shrader, coarse slicer, french fry grater, atta kneading, chopping and whishking) for multiple applicationskitchen.

The capacity of bowl is 2.4 L. The capacity of blender Jar is 1.5 L. The capacity of multipurpose Jar is 1.0 L. And the capacity of chutney Jar -0.5 L.

You can get all these components in one machine. This product is very innovative. This works seamlessly. It has a lot of other attachments, that will help you in other kitchen day to day activities and make your food processing easier.

Safety FeaturesLittle noisy
Excellent built quality
Value for money
Easy to clean

2. Philips HL7707/00 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars (Black)

Philips HL7707/00 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinders are a core accessory in every kitchen as grinding, mixing, blending are important parts of any cuisine. The Philips metric capacity unit 7707 mixer grinder isn’t solely durable however additionally delivers impeccable performance. It has specifically designed motor, it gives an astounding performance for all kinds of food ingredients in this. The innovative style of this Philips mixer grinder prevents motor injury thanks to prolonged use.

This is a versatile all-purpose mixer grinder that will help you quickly prepare your favorite dishes in the best manner and provides you the best result. It has the power of 750 watts and the operating voltage of 230 volts. It has blades for perfect mixing and fine grinding performance as well. The high RPM of this food processor has a powerful processing technique. The suction feet in this  Is to ensure less vibration in grinding the heavy applications also. 

The capacity of the bowl in this is 2.4 L, and the capacity of the jar is 1.5 L it basically includes 4 units of the jar.  For the tough grinding such as turmeric, masala or idli batter need to use mixer grinders with wattage rating 750 Watts or more. This PowerChop technology of this is a combination of blade shape, cutting angle and inner bowl that will provide a superior chopping result in both soft and hard ingredients as well. It is perfect for making purées and mixing your cake batters also.

The new and compact design and shape of this make it user-friendly in the kitchen. The ergonomically designed body structure of this mixer grinder provides sturdy operation while grinding tough ingredients also.

3. Tefal MasterChef Gourmet 900-Watt Stand Mixer with 11 Food Processor (Metallic Grey)

Tefal MasterChef Gourmet 900-Watt Stand Mixer with 11 Food Processor

Masterchef connoisseur can assist you to simply create cakes and sweets on a usual cookie, chocolate mousse, cupcakes with its 900W powerful motor combined to its planetary movement, find the power you wish for your cake creating a day and build fabulous recipes. It is a perfect baking and much more effortlessly food processor. The Masterchef Gourmet food processor will help you prepare delicious dishes from everyday baking to sophisticated gourmet recipes and delicious food.

The best thing about this is that you can easily make cakes, sweets, cookies, chocolate mousse, cupcakes, macaroons and much more. It has a powerful motor of 900W which can take more loads. Basically, This kitchen machine kneads, beats and whisks all your ingredients to perfection in food. It has an extremely versatile 1.5L blender that prepares great smoothies and perfection.

Basically, it performs in the deal planetary rotation that is the head of the machine and the pastry tools rotate in opposite directions for faster, smoother and better results of food. It contains 4 Stainless Steel shredder/slicer attachments to grate and slice vegetables. It has Unique patented Flex whisk for light and airy egg whites and whipped cream, even in small quantities and 2 self-sharpening, meat mincing attachments for medium and coarse mincing. the 4.6L total bowl capacity of this food processor is perfect for a large family and it Can also prepare up to 1.8 Kg cake dough in one go only.

4. Prestige PHB 8.0 Hand Blender, 750W

 Prestige PHB 8.0 Hand Blender, 750W

Looking to buy a hand blender that can perform whisking, churning or blending work with great performance and convinence?

With It is the innovative food processor’s attachment with various inserts for chopping, slicing and shredding the food. It is Ergonomically designed for the excellent handling of the processor. It consists of power of  750 watts and the operating voltage of 220-240 volts.

It basically includes Blending jar, chopping, whisking attachment and wall hook. The Unit of this food processor is small and light for the amount of power it generates.

The amount of control is the main unit has over the output power is great. You can use it for chutneys, masala pastes and ginger-garlic onion pastes for curries and it handles all these tasks effortlessly and smoothly. You can conveniently make milkshakes, lassi, juice or puree with the help of blending jar.

If anyone is looking for a small but really useful food processor, get this. You won’t be disappointed.

5. Kiddale Babys’ ABS 5 in 1 Kiddale Babys’ ABS 5 in 1 9. Kiddale Babys’ ABS 5 in 1

Kiddale Babys' ABS 5 in 1

Kiddale Babys’ ABS 5 in 1 food processors is the machine to steam, blend, chop and prepare baby food of fruits, vegetables, meat or fish from raw to any stage of toddler food in just 15 mins and less in one touch of a button.

You can use it to get a perfectly smooth puree with all nutrients intact for your little one with better do not No need to spend huge time in chopping and blending to prepare baby food.

With this food maker, just in one touch will do the work enabling you to spend more time with your loved ones. It ensures the high safety All parts of this food processor in touch with baby food are made of food-grade material.

The STIR CUP is made of TRITAN MATERIAL which is BPA, Phthalate, and Lead-free. It also has a DOUBLE SAFETY SWITCH which prevents food processor from operating when the stirring cup or its cover is not in place.

When the water tank is short of water, it will cause the temperature inside the device to be higher than the set point. This will automatically shut down the device and start the protection program.

The split steaming basket design of this helps to adjust the food consistency as per the baby’s needs very well. A separate handle for the inner basket makes it very convenient to use and provide you the satisfaction with the use of this. Steam the food like vegetables and fruits and make them germs free and soft. 

The steaming time of this can be increased/decreased using the +/- button on the processor. It removes the leftover water from the cup and put Baby’s food in the steaming basket, cover it with lid and connect with the main body.

You can set the time on the panel as per requirement and ensure enough water is there in the jar. It can clean the stirring cup when using in this mode.

Once the ready food is removed from the Basket, but the system on Auto Cleaning and it will clean the Basket Automatically you do not need to worry for its cleansing.

6. Philips Food Processor HL1661 700Watts with Chutney Jar

(Renewed) Philips Food Processor

This food processor is easy to assemble and compact. It contains the Small Chutney Jar and Blender Jar for the shakes and Smoothies. It also has Slicing and Shredding Blades for those perfect salads and toppings.

Food processors come with a built-in locking mechanism to ensure consumer safety and food safety. Without proper locking, the food processor will not start to process. this Food Processor contains  Processing bowl, Bowl cover, Food pusher, Blender jar with lid (1.5 liters), Dry grinder with lid (1 liter), Chutney jar with lid (0.4 liters), 6 Segmented cutters, Cutter disc, Stem rod, Whisking disc, Chopper cutter, Kneading blade, Centrifugal juicer assembly, Citrus juicer assembly, Spatula etc.

7. Panasonic MK-5086M 230-Watt Food Processor

Panasonic MK-5086M 230-Watt Food Processor

This food processor has a powerful motor with a circuit breaker for processing various foods. It has a safety lock clamps to ensure that food is locked and ensure the consumer’s safety. The blades of this processor are changeable.

Changeable blade attachments for chopping, mixing, grinding, atta kneading, shredding, slicing, french fries and whipping stc. It has Citrus press for better juice extractions with better results. The power of this food processor is 230 watts. Citrus press for better juice extraction. In order to ensure that the output is as satisfied for you, The food processor operates at 230 watts to ensure sufficient power. This can help deal with foodstuffs that are difficult to grind such as nuts and fruits and provides you the better results.

The stainless steel blades in this are durable and rust-free. They make a great addition to the Panasonic Food Processor. The blades are highly efficient when it comes to grinding solid objects easily. These food processors come with changeable blade attachments for chopping, mixing, grinding, atta kneading, shredding, slicing, french fries and whipping and with so many other parts, you can cook a 3-course meal in no time completely from scratch. 

8. Morphy Richards Icon DLX 

Morphy Richards Icon DLX

Morphy Richards Icon has a unique feature called child lock and the child lock feature food processor makes sure that the food processor is in its place. It contains the power of 1000 watts. This food processor contains a chutney jar. grinding jar, liquidizing jar, and processing bowl.

This food processor comes with 6 different types of blades for performing multiple functions and tasks. Morphy Richards icon DXZL 1000 watt food processor is a 4litre processing jar that can do multi-tasks slicing, chopping, shredding, grating, whisking, juicing, kneading and other more functions.

The 400 ml stainless steel jar use for making the chutneys of your choice and the 11 attachments to carry out all your food processing needs. The stainless steel blades help in multiple functions, including a 7-step stainless steel disc blade for shredding, grating chopping, and slicing vegetables in 7 different thicknesses as per your liking. The Square shaped jars with Quadra flow acts as a natural flow breaker for achieving super-fine grinding and It’s square-shaped, the brushed metal body adds to the allure.

The 11 different kinds of attachments which support all the functions of slicing, chopping, shredding, grating, whisking, juicing, kneading and many more. It plays 16 different function which makes you enjoy the convenience of relying on just one appliance to do all 16 different functions including that of grating, shredding, chopping and mincing and many more.

9. HAVELLS EXTENSO Food Processor 800W Black

HAVELLS EXTENSO Food Processor 800W

The 800 W Locked Motor Wattage of havells extension food processor suitable for all kinds of grinding and processing. It has Stainless steel 304 Jar with Double Ball Bearing for longer life of jars and the 430-grade Stainless Steel Blades with interchangeable disc attachment ensures slicing, shredding, grating & french fries and many more. It basically has 2 speeds with pulse rotary switch knobs. It has a specially designed cup with drip Hole which helps in pouring sugar, syrups & flavored powders while the operation. It has a Double ball bearing jar for longer life.

The 1.75 L blending jar Bigger size blending jar helps for preparing large meals also. the  2 L Bigger Size Bowl Enables you to prepare food items in large quantities and gives you better results. The   Atta Kneading blade in this gives perfect Atta Kneading and the Centrifugal Juicing Ensures pulpy juice with perfection. The Citus Juicing Designed to extract juices with ease and perfection, in the comfort of your kitchen it has  Powerful wattage of 800 Watts. Food processors come with a built-in locking mechanism to ensure consumer safety.

Without proper locking, the food processor will not start the top process.  It consists multifunctional components that are Main Unit, Bowl, Bowl Cover, Food Pusher, Blender Jar, Lid,Lid Cap, SS Multi-Purpose Jar, Lid, Slicing Cutter, Shredding Cutter, French Fries Cutter, Cutter Holder, Kneading Blade, Chopping Blade, Processor Spindle, Blade Holder, Cirus Juicer, Juicing Cone, Spatula,etc. 

10. Rico Japanese Technology Food Processor

Rico FP 1806 Food Processor with Coconut Scrapper and Juicer

 It is the High-Class Food Processor Premium Product. It has a Japanese “Quick Grind ” Technology. Basically, it provides With Japanse Quick Grind Technology & 100% Copper Motor with 750 Watt Powerful motor that provides the best grinding and mixing results instantly. It has many components. Food processing that is Mincing, shredding, slicing, atta kneading, blending, juicing, dry and wet grinding, Separate whipper, and overload reset switch.

The best part of this food processor is speed selector knob with whipper option, Jar flow breakers help in reducing chunks. The design of this is European standard &, Anti Slip feet ensure the optimum grip while in operations,100% Copper Motor Lifetime Rust-free Motor Guarantee. Super Sharp Blades is for powerful grinding results instantly. The Strong Polycarbonate mixer body with an Elegant look plus powerful motor with 100% copper. It has  Blender jar with fruit filter and unbreakable bowl and covers, 3 jars with flow breakers and 10 attachments 750 Watt Powerful motor that provides for optimum grinding and mixing results.

The Function Rico Food Processors is All In One Multifunction with 700 Watt chopping mixing slicing shredding kneading juicing coconut grating centrifugal juicer mixer grinder chopper aata maker electric juicer citrus juicer more than 28 operations to make your kitchen more effection and make your life easier. Without proper locking, the food processor will not start to process. The food processor with coconut scraper is basically the complete package that you need in your kitchen. It comes with four functional blades and cutter that provides you the smooth chopping or grinding that require for your cooking, food processor with coconut scrapper consumes less power.

Things to consider before you buy Food Processor in India

  • Power of the Motor

One of the most important factors to look for while you choose a food processor is the power of the motor. There are many food items and vegetables that you will be taking the juice out of or chopping like carrot, hard cheese, or coconut and you want that to be done at ease. 

The power of the motor must be considered for the grinding or mixing of the food items but if you have good power of the motor the food processor is going to last you for a longer period of time. The minimum power that you should look for is 750 watts which will give you a healthier life of the product in the long term. 

  • Budget-friendly

While there are many food processors that are used in kitchens around the world, you might want to choose the one that fits your budget while satisfying your criteria or say the factor in a food processor that must not be ignored. You should choose the one that meets your requirement and in case you change the type of food that you would be using the device for the budget may change accordingly.  Quality and price are the two most important things that must come when you opt for a food processor. 

  • Bowl Capacity

For a family of 4, you can choose the one with a smaller bowl capacity. Here bowl capacity means the amount of food item that you would be crushing or mixing. It may vary from one kitchen to another. Choose the one that fits your need. 

  • Attachments and Accessories

If you choose a food processor, you might see a bunch of other items that come with it like extra bowls, extra chopper or say a different kind of chopper for different food items various bowls size and caps. A bigger food processor means bigger food items to be processed and hopefully, you will be given a set of extra attachments and accessories along with it. Find the one that meets your requirement of the kitchen. 

  • Size and weight

There can be a smaller food processor that is intended to be used for a specific purpose and they can be a huge processor with a hefty workload to be processed. All depends on the number of food items that you will be inputting. There are a number of them in India which can give you additional items for processing other food items. Normally you will find a minimum of 3 bowls in a food processor along with a set of choppers. 

  • User-friendly

Buying a food processor might not seem like a difficult job but using them can be if the product you buy is not user-friendly. SDay if you need to fix wires and set the bowl with a bunch of screws that would be enough just at first glance.

Top trending Food Processor of November 2021

However, if you opt to choose a food processor you must choose the one that is easy to use and you can easily wash them or say assemble them. 

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