Television Listening Devices For Hearing Impaired To Hear TV Better

Television Listening Devices For Hearing Impaired To Hear TV Better

Our Top 7 TV Listening Devices & Headphones for Hearing Impaired

Product Type Price
TV Ears 330-0123 2.3 Wireless Headset System Infrared wireless Check price
Sennheiser SET840 Radio Frequency/FM Check price
Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones Radio Frequency/FM Check price
GOgroove TV Wireless Headphones Kit with Television Transmitter Adapter BlueVIBE AirBAND Noise Isolation Bluetooth Headset Kit Check price
Starkey Surflink Media 2 Device Wireless Streaming Device Check price
Phonak TVLink S Basestation TV Adaptor Check price
ZVOX Soundbase 450 Sound Bar Speaker Check price


A relaxing peaceful evening at home is watching your favorite TV episodes, movies or series. For many, listening to music and watching TV is an important part of their life.

But, what if you have partial or complete hearing loss? The sound is the key to our hearts and if you are unable to hear it properly, you may feel embarrassed or awkward.

You always look for remote to turn up the volume of your television or sound system. If you are watching and enjoying the show with family or friends, they may suffer from loud noise.

You may wonder if it is possible to enjoy watching TV and music together again with your hearing loss problem.

Yes, it is possible to hear the TV better. Thanks to the latest hearing technology, there are several television-specific assistive listening devices (ALD) which may help you understand what is being said in the movie theatre. These can be the best gift for the hearing impaired.

Assistive listening devices

Assistive listening devices or system as the word suggest helps a listener by bringing sound directly into the ear. It separates the speech a person wants to hear from background noise by improving the speech to noise ratio.

These devices are actually amplifiers which bring sound closer to the ear. Generally, people with hearing problem increase the volume level up to  15 to 25 decibels to get a normal hearing level. An ALD or ALS allow them to achieve this gain without making it too loud for everyone.

As per WHO data, by 2050 over 900 million people will be suffering from any kind of hearing loss and deafness. Disability of hearing create a lot of problems and watching TV or listening to music is one of them.

In this blog post, I will talk about some television amplifier system and assistive listening device for the TV which can be helpful for you.

But before diving in that, let’s have a look about their features, component, and types.


  • The listening assistive devices consist of a base that plugs directly into the headphone jack of the television set and a delivery system involving a pair of your hearing aids.
  • The device increases the level of volume without disturbing the other people in the surrounding.
  • It not only improves the speech to noise ratio but also separates the noise of the background from the actual useful sound.
  • These devices can be used with hearing aids or it can be used individually.
  • It can benefit many hearing aids and cochlear implant users.


  • A microphone
  • A transmission technology
  • A device for receiving the signal and bringing the sound to the ear.


While shopping for tv listening devices for hearing impaired, you will come across different forms of technologies and hearing devices. Before making any final decisions, you should go through their pro and cons.

Following are the types of television listening devices to hear your TV better:

1. FM System

Radio Frequency/FM listening systems use the radio signal to transmit sound. These waves can go through the wall or roof so that you can enjoy listening to TV from any room. It mainly consists of two things: a transmitter microphone & a receiver. One is attached is to the television and another is usually in the form of a headset. The receiver receives the signal and sends it directly to the ears or hearing aid.


  • Easy to set up and highly portable.
  • Radio signal goes through the wall or roof so that you can enjoy listening to TV from any room.
  • It can be used both indoor or outdoor.
  • Cheaper than hearing aids


  • You need a special headset to use it.
  • You need to be connected to the receiver.
  • Since it works on the radio, you can be disturbed by other FM wireless systems.

2. Infrared System

The infrared system is commonly used in our homes and can also be used in the theaters. Its working is simple. The sound coming from TV is converted to invisible infrared light waves by the transmitter. Which is further transmitted to the receiver which converts these light waves into high fidelity stereo sound. Thus you are able to hear the sound. You can use this technology with or without hearing machine as well as you have the flexibility to adjust the sound volume.


  • Cheaper than digital hearing aids
  • You can use it privately and where confidentiality is important.
  • Best for multiple occupancy residences
  • You can use it without any radio interference.


  • You can’t use it outside due to sunlight interference. But there is no problem while watching TV.
  • Anything which comes between the transmitter and receiver can block the transmission.
  • You need a special headset to use this hearing technology.

3. Inductive Loop System

These are a super helpful device when you are using the hearing aids. Hearing loop picks the sound of the source from a microphone and transmits it directly to the hearing aids equipped with a T-coil. This system eliminates any background noise and amplifies the sound of the speaker.


  • This system uses the electromagnetic field to deliver sound. Hence it works no matter the location or hearing instrument brand.
  • These are inconspicuous
  • They are super compatible with the hearing aid.


  • First of all, you need to set up the loop in a fixed space. You can’t change the room easily.
  • In the loop, the signal strength is maximum, while as you move away from the loop, the strength decreases.
  • In a few cases, you may hear a buzzing sound in the hearing aids due to its interference from other electronics.

Now let’s move on to discover the top hearing TV hearing device.

Top television amplifier system or TV listening devices for hearing impaired

  • Wireless headphones for Television
  • Loop System
  • Wireless Streaming Devices from television to listening aids
  • Home theatre System
  • Wireless hearing aids Streaming

Wireless Headphones For Television

When to use

This is the best option available for the people who do not wear hearing machine. This option is also available when people have only very slight deafness. These devices make the sound more clear and comfortable.

How it works

This device deletes the interface of background devices and makes the television sound more clear by creating a direct wireless connection between television and the wearer’s ear.

Components – They are divided into two parts:

  • The first part is the transmitter base. It is plugged directly into the headphone jack of the television and the receiver is worn by the listener who wants to listen the sound
  • The second part is the headphone receiver.


TV Ears 330-0123 2.3 Wireless Headset System
TV Ears 330-0123 2.3 Wireless Headset System

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The most famous television headphone device is TV Ears that uses an infrared wireless signal. There is control available on the headsets so the wearer can adjust the sound independently as per their need or requirement.

How it works

How TV ears Works

Another option rather than TV Ears is also available.

Sennheiser SET840 -TV RF Stereo TV Assistive Listening Headphones System
Sennheiser SET840 -TV RF Stereo TV Assistive Listening Headphones System

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Most of the wireless TV headphones either use a radio frequency signal or Bluetooth signal to transmit sound from transmission base to the ear. You can choose any of them depending upon the compatibility with your television set, as both the transmission signal is equivalent to each other.

For your ease, I have mentioned the two best tv listening devices one from each category.

Wireless TV hearing headphones that use radio frequency

Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Dock
Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Dock

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Wireless headphones that utilize Bluetooth technology to help hear the tv

GOgroove TV Wireless Headphones Kit with Television Transmitter Adapter BlueVIBE AirBAND - Comfortable Private Listening & Noise Isolation Bluetooth Headset Kit for TVs with 3.5mm AUX Output
GOgroove TV Wireless Headphones Kit with Television Transmitter Adapter BlueVIBE AirBAND – Comfortable Private Listening & Noise Isolation Bluetooth Headset Kit for TVs with 3.5mm AUX Output

View on Amazon

Sennheiser RS120 is a radio frequency signal headphone whereas GOgroove is a Bluetooth signal headphone.

Wireless Streaming Device from television to Hearing Aids

When to use

Hearing Aids can help a hearing-impaired person to hear the sound clearly as it has the capability to reduce the background noise and amplifies the signal. But sometimes this hearing machine is not enough to listen to television so we need a wireless streaming device.


This wireless streaming device can work with the combination of ear machine. There are few methods for giving a signal to hearing machine. The only thing that must be taken care that the wireless streaming device must have great compatibility with the aids.

SurfLink Media from Starkey is an example of this.

Starkey Surflink Media 2 Device by Starkey Products
Starkey Surflink Media 2 Device by Starkey Products

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Wireless hearing aids streaming

Wireless hearing aids are in demand right now. Mostly the hearing aids that are sold recently are wireless hearing machines. These technology helps hearing aids to easily communicate with other external devices such as smartphones, computers, and television, as well as they, can communicate with each other also.

How it works

  • For occurring wireless streaming, there is a various method which varies from hearing aid to hearing aid. Some of them work through Bluetooth, while others may work through FM connections.
  • An intermediary device is used to connect the hearing machine to the television. This device can either seat near television or listener or it can be worn around the neck. Before sending the sound signal to the listening machine this intermediary device receives the sound signal from the television.
  • The hearing aid wearer can switch to the wireless streaming mode by pressing a button and the TV set can be customized.


  • The Oticon Streamer
  • Phonak ComPilot
  • The Widex ComDex
Phonak TVLink S Basestation - TV Adaptor
Phonak TVLink S Basestation – TV Adaptor

Phonak TV Links is an example of this intermediary device.

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Loop Systems


This is the system which is available for a long time. This is a magnetic loop which surrounds the room. There is also a personal neck loop available which wear around the listener’s neck. There exists a connection between the audio jack of the television and the loop system. This system is beneficial to the older model aids also.

How it works

Its main advantage is that it works with the telecoil setting on the machine. So the ear machine does not need to be wireless for function.

It only has compatibility with the telecoil aids. As in this case, the telecoil setting is used to transmit the audio wirelessly from the television.

For working in this system, one should only turn on the telecoil communication program on their listening aids. Full room loop system is becoming more common. Many theaters, grocery shop, churches, public buildings installed this loop system for hearing loss people.

Sennheiser RR 840 S-9 is an example of the loop system.

Home theater Systems or TV Speaker


  • It increases the quality of sound and it improves the sound clarity drastically.
  • It is very simple to use one has to just plug it into the television system.

Hypersound TM System

It is a type of home theatre sound system specific to hearing impaired people. It can also program sound output according to a user’s hearing loss for an improved frequency response personalized for the user.

ZVOX Soundbase 450

It is a  revolutionary surround sound system design. It produces a rich, room-filling home theater sound without all the clutter of a traditional surround sound system.

ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Sound Bar TV Speaker with Hearing Aid Technology
ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Sound Bar TV Speaker with Hearing Aid Technology

The mostly used Home theater system is ZVOX Soundbase 450.

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By plugging this sound system one has to only activate Accu Voice Technology and thus it improves the sound system significantly.


Therefore, television listening devices provide a variety of devices for hearing impaired persons. Though the assistive listening devices provide a better experience and make watching TV easier. But they should use on the basis of consultation and appropriateness of devices. It is very important to know which device suits you and your auditory system. Whether the devices are wired or wireless, its efficiency and performance attracts the user and maintains its reviews.

So, now it’s time to say bye to all the problems persisting while watching television. Just use one of this top 5 assistive listening device and happily watch television with your family and loved ones.

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