How Does The Bone Conduction Headphones helps Deaf Person?

How Does The Bone Conduction Headphones helps Deaf Person?


Bone Conduction is a method which conducts the sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull.

Bone Conduction technology can be used by either individual with normal ear or suffering from deafness or hearing loss.

Bone Conduction is the reason why we hear our own voice differently when we talk and when we record and play it back. Our skull conducts lower frequencies better than air, therefore, we perceive our own voices to be lower and recording of our own voice frequency sound higher.


how bone conduction works

In the Bone Conduction listening devices such as headphones works as an eardrum which convert the sound waves to vibration and these vibrations are received by the cochlea via skull bone, then vibration is sent to the brain as an impulse signal via the auditory nerve. Therefore eardrums are not involved.

Ludwig Van Beethoven the famous 18th-century composer was almost deaf discovered bone conduction. Beethoven found a way to hear the sound of his piano by attaching a rod’s one end to his piano and clenching another end between his teeth. He received conception of sound vibration when it comes from piano to his jaws. This proved that sound could reach our auditory system through another medium without even use of eardrums.

Bone Conduction For Hearing Impaired Or Deaf

The use of bone conduction has greatly impacted those who are suffering from hearing loss and medical profession dealing with its treatment.

Although cochlear implant for hearing impaired have been extremely successful the implant relies on air condition of the sound wave and the ability of that wave to pass through to the inner ear. For that patient with damage middle ear canal, those sound wave could never reach inner ear making cochlear implant useless.

For those who are suffering from hearing impaired and deafness, Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA) is the best option they can rely on. BAHA is based on Bone Conducting principles. BAHA system is a titanium base system on which small sound processor is attached, which is implanted in the bone behind the ears. Once the sound system is activated it works on the same way as the conventional hearing aids but instead of sending a sound wave through the ear canal, vibration are sent via skull bone to the cochlea.

Bone Conduction Headphones has been passing on the vibration over the bone with sufficient power of music, which means the individual using the Bone Conduction headphone needs to be on the frequency ranges from 20 – 20,000 Hz.

But now, with an increase in technology some improvement has been made and more advance Bone Conduction headphone with better sound quality are now available as to meet customer demand.

Types Of Bone Conduction Devices

There is two type of Bone Conduction devices:

  • The first one is the fixture which sticks out on the bone beside the ear.
  • Another type of Bone Conduction device is fully implanted under the skin with the processor already attached to it using the magnet.

List Of Top Bone Conducting Headphones Brands


Best Bone Conduction Headphones

These are the most used and comfortable Bone Conducting headphone in the market within the best budget. These Bone Conducting headphones are light in weight. These headphones are wireless and give high-quality sound through the cheekbone.


It is one of the best product of 2019 as it came into consideration with other technologies and can be used as sportswear. It does not create any pressure in the ear. This device has sound quality far better than any ordinary headphones and earphones. The device is fast, easy to set up and secure.


This device is affordable in price and one does not feel any pressure while wearing these. The sound quality of this device is not quite well but has many other improved features.

Hope the article helps you understand how bone conduction headphone can help deaf and hearing loss people.

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