Best Headset Stand To Keep Headphone in Place & Safe (Review)

Headphone stands or holder are a great laptop gadget to have on the desk. If you are enthusiastic about music, playing recorded sound or gaming addict; then this is must have desk essentials to have.

You could use a banana holder if you want to be cheap, you could make a multipurpose headset stand yourself if you want to be crafty or if you’re lazy and like Amazon, you could just buy one today.

This complete guide will tell you everything you wish to know about these headset stands. But you are only interested in knowing our best choice for yours. Here it is.

Siroflo 10W Fast Charging Pad & Detachable Headset Holder

Siroflo 10W Fast Charging Pad & Detachable Headset Holder

We have reviewed everything in details about this product and why it stands best among other products in the later part of the blog. But first of all, let us understand some basic things about these stands.

Why you should be buying a cool headset holder for yourself

  • Headphone stands are awesome to organize and protect your headphones. It also increases its durability and maintains its usability by avoiding any chance of broken wire and damaged earphone problem.
  • It keeps your desk organized and increase the space available on the area. So if you want to make your desk look tidy and clean, purchase one right now for yourself.
  • When you are not using your headphone, it is a very convenient way to hold or hang it. This is often useful in the case if you have to quickly switch between speaker and headphone while playing video games.
  • It looks pleasant and makes your desk look attractive. There are so many cool headphone stand available in the market, few of them are mention in this post

After understanding the benefits let us quickly understand some important things which you need to be mindful to select the best headset stands.

Things to consider while choosing the best headset holder

✅ Types of material

This cool accessory for your workplace is available in three types – plastic, metal/steel, and wood/PVC stands. There are no such great differences in functionality but these different material does provide different quality, style, and aesthetic credence.

Plastic stands are the cheapest and provide a lot of flexibility in design and shape. Then comes the one made up of wooden materials. Most of the time they are not as durable as the metal one but provide much classy and aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for the best quality then go for metal or steel stands. They are more durable, stable and can hold up weight too well than any other types of hangers.

✅ Size of the stand

I would personally recommend you to choose lightweight, small and compact headset hanger. As they will be easy to carry when you are traveling or switching off your workplace also will occupy very less space.

✅ Safety

It is the biggest concern. As you are purchasing it only to keep your headset safe and scratch free. Before purchasing make sure it protects your headphone from crushing and scratching.

✅ Style

If you are the one who loves to do it right and do it with style, there are many iconic and aesthetically designed headset holder, best of them are mention in this post.

✅ Quality and Durability

Before making any buying decision look for the in-built product quality. Don’t go for cheaper alternative, as you only buy such things once. Look for top quality products which is highly durable.

✅ Weight Bearing Capacity of the Stand

These are meant to hold your headphones. But what if they are unable to hold any of your heavy headsets. The whole purpose of the product will be lost. It may even cause serious damage to your listening device if it falls down. Check for the weight limits mentioned on the pack before and compare it with others.

✅ Features and functionality

Nowadays lots of product are coming in the market with added features and functionality. Apart from holding your headphone in place, some of them may provide USB ports, cable organizers, wireless charging pad or even a connectivity port. You can go with these extra value-added features but do remember to cross-check the price is worth the value it provides.

Now let’s have a look at the best headphone stand in the year 2019.

Siroflo 10W Fast Charging Pad & Detachable Headset Holder

Nowadays every latest smartphone is coming with the in-built wireless charging system. So if you are considering to buy one wireless charger for yourself, this 2 in 1, Siroflo 10W Fast Charging Pad & Detachable Headset Holder is just for you.

What makes it the best headphone stand

6 Key Points for Your Smart Devices

AM Security Level

This cool accessory comes with a wireless charging pad which uses the top-notch aero aluminium. This technology has several advantages such as great heat dissipation, quick charging in a safe condition, the anti-slip surface which avoid friction and keeps the smartphone safe.

Headset Holder

This headset hanger is lightweight and convenient to carry. You can install it in a couple of minutes. This is highly durable and can hold weight up to 5 kg. This is designed in such a way that it avoids the crushing and scratching of the headphone.

Low Working Temperature

With top-notch aero aluminum, Siroflo wireless charging pad has great heat dissipation due to which it delivers power in a cool environment.

Fast Charge

The wireless charger headphone stand support Qi-enabled devices as well as fast charging with the help of an extra quick charge adapter. Depending upon the different battery capacity it takes about 2-4 hours charging time.

Auto Power off

This cool headsets stand will automatically turn off the power once the smartphone is fully charged, highest temperature reached or any non-metal is placed on the pad. Due to all these features, it saves power as well as batteries.

Multiple Compatibility

It supports fully Qi-Enabled devices. Some of the smartphone model it supports are  iPhone 8/ 8 Plus/ iPhone X, Samsung Note5/ S6/ S6 Edge/ S6 sedege/ S7/ S7 Edge/ S8/ S8 Plus/ Note 8, LG: G3/ G5/ G6/ G6+, Moto Z, Nokia: Lumia 830/ 920/ 930/ 1020/ 1520, Yota phone 2, Nexus 4/ 5/ 6 and other Qi-Enabled devices.

You can buy this product or view more details by clicking here.

If you want to consider some other products and brands, here is another list of best gaming headset stands which you can buy online.

LUXA2 E-One Silver Solid-Metal Aluminum Universal Gaming Headphone Stand/Hanger/Holder for Beats
Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder with 3 USB 3.0 Ports & 3.5mm AUX Port
Wooden Omega Headphones Stand/Hanger / Holder – Walnut Finish
Geekdigg Gaming Headset Headphone Stand Holder with Cable Organizer & Cellphone Stand
MOCREO Acrylic Dual Balance Headset Stand Gaming Headphone Holder/Mount/Hanger

Hope the article has helped you choose the best headphone stand. Here are some other hand-picked article especially for you.

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