50+ Cool Gadgets & Perfect Gift Ideas for Men (Best Tech Gifts for Him)

50+ Cool Gadgets & Perfect Gift Ideas for Men (Best Tech Gifts for Him)

Accessories make everything better. With increasing demand for laptops and desktops, demands for accessories/gadgets are also increasing. We do lots of work on these devices which consume more battery. Also, the latest laptops come in ultra-thin design with small size. Hence the reason, there are many things which we miss and here the roles of these cool laptop accessories come into play.

Well here in this article, we will talk about such interesting and best laptop accessories. It doesn’t matter if you are a gamer, a business person or someone who use the laptop for school or colleges purposes. These cool laptop gadgets will definitely prove to be useful to you.

20 must-have cool laptop accessories

Laptop Bag

The laptop bag is an accessory to protect laptops from damage if it falls down. Backpacks are pretty important. Because they are one of the very few items that we get to showcase a sense of style. They usually last for a couple of years. So you should choose those which you enjoy wearing, which looks good. You can also go for men’s laptop messenger bag, which also looks classy and are protective.

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Keep this thing in mind before purchasing any of them:

  • Any kind of normal sized laptop should get fit into the sleeve bag.
  • It should hold a lot of stuff, at least what you require to carry.
  • They should be durable and made with the water-resistant material.
  • Check for warranty.
  • They should look good and protect your laptops.

Here is a list of my personal favorite backpacks for students, college, work, and travel.

External Hard Disk / Portable SSD

A hard disk is used for storing data that can’t be stored on your laptops or PCs. Using an external hard drive or portable SSD is important if you want to take backup of your laptop or store your other data.

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Look for these feature before you buy any one of them.

Speed — You should consider not only the type of interface (USB 2, USB 3, eSATA) but also rotation speeds in mechanical HDDs.

Security — Lot’s of hard disk promise to deliver secure storage experience with additional security features like encryption, as well as software suites and more. Check for this option and go for the best.

Durability — These are the things which you do not purchase every other day or month. So check for durability and warranty options.

Best External Hard Drives in 2019

► 5. Western Digital My Passport

► 4. LaCie Porsche Design

► 3. Silicon Power A60

► 2. Seagate Backup Plus

► 1. Western Digital My Book Duo

Silicone Keyboard Cover

To protect the keyboard from getting damaged, silicon covers can be used and it is the thinnest cover available for keyboard and it protects the keyboard from dust and water. It is removable and washable as well.

Silicone Keyboard Cover

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Portable Charging Bank / Power Banks

Do you also hate it when your laptop or smartphone battery is empty? There are two things which you can do. Charge your laptop or purchase a power bank. The easiest way to extend the battery life is to use a power bank. But which one should you buy?

There are different kinds of power banks with different battery technologies. The cheaper one discharge and get hot soon. Many of the companies just lie about the battery capacity.

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Keeping all things in mind here is the list of some of the power bank which you can trust upon and buy from the link given.

Best 4 Power Banks 2019

  • Anker PowerCore 26800mAh
  • RAVPower 22000mAh
  • Mi Power Bank Pro 10000mAh
  • AUKEY 30000mAh

Lap Desk XL

If you want to work on a laptop while sitting on your bed, then recently launched lap desk will be the right choice for you. This is 22 inches wide and is made up of wood. It protects our body from heat generated by the laptop.

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Bluetooth / Wireless Keyboard

Bluetooth or a wireless keyboard is a kind of laptop keyboard that allows the user to communicate with devices like computers, tablets or laptops with the help of radio frequency, infrared or Bluetooth technology. There are a different kind of wireless keyboard available in the market with different specifications and features. You should consider choosing the one according to your need.

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Best 5 Wireless Keyboards 2019

Bluetooth Mouse

For laptops – for mobility, you should use a Bluetooth or wireless mouse. Some of them are not so expensive.

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Here are some of the best mouse for a laptop which you can purchase.

You can also buy mousepad along with any wireless mouse. They are ultra thin and their precise surface helps improve the performance of the optical mouse.

Speakers / Computer Speaker System

Laptops and desktops, both have speakers but of low sound and clarity. If you are tired of your computer speaker sounding tinny and unrealistic, it might be time to try out a set of desktop speaker for your computer. You should compare the best speaker in the market best on price and performance.

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TOP 5: Best Computer Speakers 2018

OTG cable

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We can connect a pen drive with an OTG cable to your Android phone and access the content. Uses of OTG Cable will blow your mind.

You can connect your keyboard and USB mouse to the Android phone with an OTG cable. There are many other things which you can connect like USB fan, memory card reader, game controller, USB based lamp, LAN cable, hard drive etc.

Laptop Cooler Pad

If a laptop gets heat up, then to cool down its heat, the cooler pad is used. It saves the user from excessive heating of laptops.

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USB Flash Drive

If you need to carry your files and documents around with you, USB Flash Drive is surely essential for you. Flash drive is good for storing anything from documents to photos and music.

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Whenever you watch movies, listen to music and play games you should use earphone or headphone for clarity of music or sound, therefore this new product Headphone XC serves the purpose. It is launched in different colors and sizes. Read this in-depth guide to know the best way to pick the headphone for your budget.

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Keyboard Cleaner Kit

It is used to clean dust from the keyboard, it is an important tool to clean the keyboard of the laptops but the instead cleaner kit, silicone keyboard covers can also be used. Both the things are used to perform the same task.

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Game Controller Remote

A game controller is a new remote control basically use for playing games on laptops. This can also operate a laptop instead of using the touchpad. But it is mainly used for playing games which are similar to PlayStation.

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Laptop Stand

A laptop stand is a perfect gadget for those who need to give presentations often at their workplaces. It is easy to use and requires no maintenance. It is made up of Sheesham wood.

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Laptop Cable Lock

It is a lock for the laptops whenever you are in the office and you cannot take your laptop all the times with you. You can use the cable lock, there is a cable from which you can lock the laptop and there is also one lock from which you can lock the laptop.

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Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cable is used for networks using wifi. This ethernet cable is also known as LAN(Local Area Network) cable.

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USB Hubs

In the laptops, there are only 2-3 ports for the USB drive. This USB hub has 8 USB ports by which you can connect 8 USB drives to it. It is very lightweight and easy to carry.

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Wireless Printer

It is a perfect printer which can be used wirelessly for fulfilling its purpose and it can also do the scanning. It is just a perfect printing machine and works just like wired printers.

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TV Tuner Card for laptop

You can use a TV Tuner Card for watching live TV shows on laptops or desktops. It records the episode, cricket match and all those things which are being telecast on TVs.

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One doesn’t need to be a gadget freak or any YouTube celebrity to own these funky gadgets. You can get these gadgets just to provide protection and upgradation of your systems.

All these cool and fun gadgets/accessories will work fine with both laptops and desktops. We can use them for different purposes such as gaming, data storage etc.

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