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Best and Most Comfortable Wire-Free Bras For Large Breasts

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Many women prefer a wired bra as it gives your breast a rounded shape and a boost to your size. However, finding the right wire-free bra that fits you properly and gives enough support is always a nightmare.

A wire-free bra is much more satisfying than the traditional bra with underwires. The wires may sometime be rough and are suggested after any kind of breast surgeries too. The wires may also bend and loses the shape it was originally on hence making a more hectic life.

So here we put some of the best and comfortable wire-free bras in the market.

1. Bali Comfortable Revolution Wire-free Bra

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra

Bali Revolution Wirefree Bra is one of the best wire-free bras in the market as of now. Though it is limited to DD size, it is still comfortable for any sizes under DD. Available in multiple colors and patterns, this wire-free bra gives you the best of what you can get. You can also get in front-closure design with a soft and comfortable band.

Recommended Sizes: 32B to 42 DD

2. Fortnight LingerieLuna Long Line Bra

 Fortnight LingerieLuna Long Line Bra

Fortnight is a Toronto-based women-owned company that manufactures a wire-free bra. These are incredibly good-looking as well as comes in a wide range of sizes from 30DD to 36 DD and 32F to 32 FF.

Recommended sizes: 30 DD to 32 FF



With a nice wide band and 3 hooks in all of the sizes, Playtex Women’s Wire-free Bra gives smooth adjustment to all huge busts. The straps are adjustable giving a wide room to position your breast as you like. They are available in satin fabric and have full coverage of your assets. They are well suited for daily use and is a combination of style and comfort for women with large breast size. 

Available sizes: 30BB to 40 DDD

4. Curvy Kate Surrender Bra

Best and Most Comfortable Wire-Free Bras For Large Breasts 1

Having a romantic time is always sorted and Curvy Kate Surrender Bra is by far the best option you can go for. It is made with a larger breast in mind. It is underwire for comfortable support for your breast but is sheer and unlined. It is transparent to some extent and has extra laces with beautiful design engraved. Why not have a romantic time with this sexy bra on. Catch this in the link below. 

Available sizes: 30E -38K

5. Elila Women’s Plus Size Wireless Bra

Best and Most Comfortable Wire-Free Bras For Large Breasts 2

With a good hold of laces around the cups and enchanting colors, Elila Women’s Bra gives a prettier look to women with larger breasts size. The cups are larger with fascinating colored laces around that give extra support. The cups are also sufficiently padded to support and give a little boost to your bust. Along with that it also holds your globes from popping out from sides.

Available sizes: 36 DD to 54 DD/E

6. FallSweet Add Two Cups Bras

FallSweet Add Two Cups Bras

FallSweet gives the best of both worlds as you get a push-up bra and a wire-free bra. It is quite amazing to feel the extra room you can get for your large bust. The front cups comes with a handy band extender in case you feel tight around your chest.

The band extender also pushes your cleavage to give you a sexier look. You can combine this with any low cut shirts. Available in many color choices, this can even be converted into a strapless with customizable straps. 

Recommended sizes: All Sizes

7. Comfort Choice Women’s Wireless Bra

 Comfort Choice Women’s Wireless Bra

Comfort Choice Women’s Wire-free Bra is among the best bra for large breasts with no underwires. The cups have molded foams that shapes your breast to extra smooth fittings. 

The bra as a whole is carved with beautiful designs with full coverage for the cleavage.

Wire-free design helps to hold your breast in a proper manner and is exceptionally good for daily use as well as with outing clothes. These bras can be combined with low-cut tops to enjoy all-day comfort. It is also the best support bra that lifts your breast rather than holding it among all other underwire bras.

Available sizes: 38B – 54DD

8. Cosabella Women’s Curvy Soft Bra

Cosabella Women’s Curvy Soft Bra

Cosabella, the Italian designer has put their effort to bring you the best Bralettes for larger breast size. While these are also wire-free, they are craved with beautiful all-lace design, bigger cups and a soothing elastic band for comfortable support.

What is best about this beautiful Bralette is the adjustable straps, fits perfectly if you have large breast on a smaller chest. The material used is polyamide and elastane with a variety of color flavor to choose from. This beautiful bra can be combined with any clothing and will surely give you the comfort and style you are looking for even for larger breasts size.

Available sizes: Small to Extra Large

9. Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra

While it may seem a nightmare for women with larger breast size for a strapless bra, Wacoal provides a choice you can make for a sexier and strapless bra. With sturdy materials and a clean finish, it provides a sexier look. These are also backed with multiple hooks to stay-put the bust in shape and fix place without falling down.

Available sizes: 30 8 to 42 with cup sizes from D to DDD

10. Playtex Ultimate Wire-Free Bra

Playtex Ultimate Wire-Free Bra

With sizes up to 46 and DDD, Playtex Ulitmate Lift and Support Wire-free bra are one of the most comfortable bras for larger breasts. The pads are soft and the design around the cups makes it even more beautiful. The cups are large enough to cover the sides and full breasts.

Available sizes: 36B to 48DDD

11. Natori Pure Luxe Bra

Natori Pure Luxe Bra

Natori Pure Luxe is carefully designed to fit well, support larger breast and stay in place even after longer use. It also is very easy to take off or put on. The larger size cups with full coverage design ensures safe and comfortable wear. The pads have clean and matte color finish with a wide range of color to choose from.

Available sizes: 32-38 from B to G cup sizes

12. Hanes Ultimate T-Shirt Bra

Best and Most Comfortable Wire-Free Bras For Large Breasts 3

For women with a breast size of DD, Hanes Ultimate T-shirt Bra is among the best and most comfortable bra you can enjoy buying. This super light-weight bra can be combined with any dresses or clothing. With straps being easily adjustable and the cups providing full coverage of cleavage, Hanes T-shirt bra also has an extra hook to give you a racerback design and is a beautiful bra that you can opt to for women with DD size.  

Available sizes: 34B to 38DD

13. Shapeez Shortee Bra

Shapeez Shortee Bra

Shapeez Shortee Bra is made for women who don’t want bra line and back bulges in mind. This is a uniquely made bra that covers up all the back fat. Saying that it is super comfortable to wear and the pads give full coverage of cleavage. There are pull-over style and have no hooks but are comfortable to all extent.

Available sizes: XS-1X with the A-E cup size 

14. Brooks Maia Sports Bra

Brooks Maia Sports Bra

For women who want to work out or exercise but the large breast make it difficult to do so, Brooks Maia Sports Bra is the ultimate choice. This is very clearly made to compress and separate the movement which is basically the side movement and bouncing off the breast while exercising. The cups are thickly padded and straps are adjustable for high-impact exercise to provide the ultimate support and comfort. This is the best sports bra for women with larger breast in the market as of now.

Available sizes: 32 to 44 with cup sizes from C to E

15. Cleo Lucy Balconette Bra

Cleo Lucy Balconette Bra

Cloe lucy Balconette Bra is a perfect combination of style, design and full coverage for women seeking a perfect bra for their large size bust. THese are balconette well-padded with soft pads providing great support. It is a great choice for women with breast size fuller on the bottom, below the nipple, as the cup size provides great support to hold in place. 

Available sizes: 28-38 band with sizes from D-J band

16. Delimira Lace Non-Padded Minimizer Bra

Best and Most Comfortable Wire-Free Bras For Large Breasts 4

At its affordable price and wide range of sizes, Delimira Lace Full-Figure Underwire Bra is among the favorite in women with plus size breast. This fabulous bra is available in a variety of colors with beautiful lacy design giving full coverage support to your breast. The wide cup design ensures the whole breast is covered up inside the cups. The hooks are at back and easily adjustable. Saying that it is somehow not favorable to wear with every dress you would like. However, it is still the best bra for larger breast in the market. 

Available sizes: 34DD to 44H 

17. Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra

Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra

Prima Donna Madison is the name of another favorite among women with larger breast size. It is a sexier bra with beautiful design and comfortable support. Saying that it also gives full coverage to your whole breast with its soft pads and 3 Level adjustable hooks. While some color option is now sold out as they have high demand, but you still can get a wide range of color option to choose from. This also shows how popular it is among women with larger breast. Grab one for your self and give yourself a boost in your confidence.

Available sizes: 32 to 46 from D to h cup sizes

Things to consider while buying bras for larger breast

Many women are unaware of the value and importance of bra and size. Having a size that is the measure of your bust is important for a good look as well as healthy and lively breasts.

Women with some extra muscles are advised to look for a set of things as mentioned below to find the right bra for your fit. 

Padded or Non-padded?

There are padded ones and non-padded ones available. Some women find padded ones boost their confidence while some opt for non-padded ones for special occasions or comfort. Choosing padded ones or non-padded ones might depend on which occasion you will be using it or it’s always a personal preference.


What you should look in a bra are the straps. Look if the straps are wide enough to fit your breast in. Some bra has adjustable straps that can be made into multiway bras. If you need such, then look for same else a normal straps with a proper width is always advisable. The width of straps is important for comfort and adjustment of breasts.


For women with large size cups, it is always good to look for extra hooks to support their size. Some have extra hooks while the standard number of hooks is 3. For front-closure or such bra, there might be few hooks but you can always find one for yourself.


Fabric is important. Due to new fabric technologies, wire-free bras are getting their hold in the market. The fabrics must be durable and are pretty helpful to hide bulges and bumps giving a smooth appearance as a whole. There are a lot of fabrics which are used to make a bra and you can choose from like Spandex, Polyester, Nylon, Natural Rubber, and Latex.


Wired bras might be rough while washing and non-durable at times. Wireless bra is more durable and washing them is quite easy than their counterparts. Care must be taken for longer use. 


Now the list is here, you can choose one for yourself and have a healthy wearing. Different brands and bra have a different feel to it. So, grab the one that attracts you the most and gives your bust a perfect look.

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