Top 6 Headphones For Children – Compare Top Picks

If you are looking for a good pair of headphones for your kids that is geared towards better sound deliverance, then this list may help you.

The regular headphones which we use for gaming and sound engineering or recording sessions are not meant to be used by kids as they have high-frequency range and volume. The volume limit for kids headphone is 85 decibel.

The list below is the best pair of headphone that is processed by looking at factors


Kids love the stylish and eye-catching device. You can choose the best style that fits for your kid. You can choose from a variety of color and design. All the listed device have their own design and are absolutely loved by kids around the globe.


When you hand a device to a kid, the first thing to worry about is handling. Kids love to throw away devices and there is a chance that the device may get damaged. One of the important factor while buying headphones for kids is hence the build factor. The material used must be tough but non-toxic and must be durable over time even after hundred of drops.

Hearing protection

The hearing tolerance of adult and kids are different. So, you must know about limiting the volume and leave your kids to listen at a normal and comfortable sound level that doesn’t cause any ear damage. The volume limit for kids is 90db. So the headphones must be under that range and you are safe to give the headphone to your kid.

Sound Performance

While the above factors are important to protect your child and the device, you must not forget about the sound performance. While the sound may not be the same when the volume is limited but you can still let your kid enjoy a good sound quality with these headphones in the list.

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The 6 Best Headphones for Kids in 2019

1. JLab Audio Jbuddies Over-Ear headphone

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JLab Audio JBuddies is an over-ear headphone for kids. They have a volume limiter that limits the volume at 90dB. Passive noise isolation for active retention of the outside world. The build material is plastic and vinyl that has average durability. They are available in the foldable and non-foldable model. The headbands are flexible and suit any head size. Deep tones are prohibited while volume limiter does its work. At $10 dollar you get a decent headphone that your child can safely enjoy.


  1. Over-ear design suitable for all children
  2. Comfortable wear with soft earpads
  3. Volume limiter at 90dB
  4. On purpose passive noise isolation
  5. Safe hinges
  6. Available in different color options


  1. No wireless
  2. Plastic material

2. Riwbox light-up Bluetooth headphone

Riwbox WT-7S Bluetooth Headphones Light Up
Riwbox WT-7S Bluetooth Headphones Light Up

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RiwBox Light-up is a colorful headphone that is comfortable and has 3 different color your child can enjoy. On either side of the earcups is RGB lightning that will blow up according to the frequency of the audio which you can also turn off. They have Bluetooth v4.0 for connectivity. This might not have volume limiter in it but the headphone is colorful and beautiful to gift to your children.


  1. Comfortable and lightweight
  2. Flashing LED lightning
  3. Bluetooth Connectivity
  4. Longer battery life
  5. 3 color options


  1. No volume limit
  2. Girlish color option and not boyish

3. OnandOff buddyPhones Explore

ONANOFF BuddyPhones Explore | Kids Headphones
ONANOFF BuddyPhones Explore | Kids Headphones

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OnAnOff BuddyPhones Explore is one of the recommended headphones for children. The material for the body is plastic which is durable and are also foldable. The earcups are comfortable and fit firmly in the ear. You can also switch between wired and wireless mode which is helpful while handling toddlers. What makes it great is the volume limit of 85 decibels with firm and soft sound quality.


  1. Comfortable and durable
  2. Soft earpads for ultimate comfort
  3. Wired and wireless
  4. 85db limit to the volume
  5. Different color choice
  6. Beautiful design


  1. The plastic material can be upgraded
  2. Connecting both ear cups is difficult

4. Elecder I37 Kids headphone

Elecder i37 Kids Headphones Children Girls Boys Teens Foldable Adjustable On Ear Headsets
Elecder i37 Kids Headphones Children Girls Boys Teens Foldable Adjustable On Ear Headsets

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Elecder I37 is a robust and durable headphone made from plastic material. It is wired and the 59-inch long cord is strong enough to handle any pull and tug from younger ones. The headphones are also foldable which makes it super portable. The headbands are adjustable to match every head size. This headphone is compatible with any device in the market.


  1. Comfortable and light headphone
  2. Durable material including cord
  3. Softly padded cord for extreme comfort
  4. Adjustable headbands
  5. Color option for girls and boys


  1. No volume limit
  2. Cord might break when tangled

5. Symphonized Kids Volume Limited Earbuds

Symphonized Kids Volume Limited Earbuds
Symphonized Kids Volume Limited Earbuds

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Symphonized Kids Volume Limited Edition is an in-ear noise isolating headphone that is made from genuine natural woods creating a natural sound, powerful bass, and a well-rounded sound to enjoy for younger ones.

The sound limit is 85db which helps to keep the children from high volume. The volume limiter comes in handy to protect your child’s ear. The size is available for all age with comfortable custom silicon ear tips. You also get an eco-friendly pouch to carry the earphone along with you. The design is eye-catching and stylish that will surely catch your child attention. The controls consist of Voice trigger, volume controls, and built-in inline controls and microphone.

Symphonized Kids Volume Limited Edition is the next gift you want to give it to your child for a healthy and eco-friendly listening. It is designed for kids and is a great earphone with no harm whatsoever for your child.


  1. Natural Genuine Woods
  2. Volume limiter for children
  3. Comfortable In-ear design
  4. Available in a variety of colors
  5. Stylish and convenient controls
  6. Compatible with any device


  1. The heavy-bass feature can develop ear damage
  2. No wireless

6. Puro Sound Labs Kids

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Puro Sound Labs Kids is a stylish over-ear wireless headphone with great sound and comfortable build quality. The detailed and safe listening is a major concern to this headphone.

They are stylish, have effective passive noise isolation, faster Bluetooth connectivity, both wired and wireless connectivity. The aluminum material is robust and is durable over time.

The earcups are foldable with a USB port on the right one for charging, 3.5mm audio input and volume control buttons.

Overall, these are the good pair of headphones with exceptional value for both parents and their kids also with great sound quality.


  1. Comfortable and lightweight
  2. 18-hour battery life
  3. 3.5mm headphone jack
  4. Fast Bluetooth connectivity
  5. A USB port for charging
  6. Foldable
  7. Designed for kids


  1. Headphone jack may have an error after time
  2. Buttons are average


Hope that helps to choose the best headphone for your kids. You might want to stick with the volume limiting headphone for better safety of your kids’ ear. Your kid might enjoy every bit of the headphone. These headphones on the list are far from usual and are a great pair of headphones for your kids.

Go buy a pair and gift it to your child and your child will love everything without you being worry about the damage. Meanwhile, you can read this article to know the best headphone brands in the world. Happy reading. Good day.

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