10 Best Books On Autism Spectrum Disorders for People With Autism

Autism is a disorder where people face problems like a deficiency in communication, social interaction, sensory issues and the range of interest. It is like an Asperger spectrum disorder which includes a large range of symptoms and behaviour.

Autism is not a single condition; it is a spectrum of disorders that affect up to fifteen million people in the country. It is a complex neurological disorder that causes impairments of social interaction and competitive repetitive behavior.

Books can be a great resource for the parents as well as the teachers who have to deal with any autistic child. Keeping this in mind we have prepared this list of best books you can buy to get essential training or self-awareness to tackle the situation.

These books have been written by people with autism, parents with an autistic child, teachers, therapists, and researchers who have experienced many of the same issues.

In this article, we shed lights on providing you with the best books on Autism and to tackle the situation.

List of 10 Best books on autism spectrum disorder

10. The Remarkable Courage of “Being Seen”

(By Anlor Davin)

The Remarkable Courage of “Being Seen”

This is the book of the french woman named Anlor Davin, who in her initial years struggles to make a mark in the social world. Unknown of having an autistic disorder, she just turns over a new leaf and tries her luck in the foreign land. Later she became a popular author and advises the new people to spread the awareness about the disorder.

This book can be the role model for the persons affected with autism. In fact, the author also wanted to express her condition but quite get frustrated at some times.

The book clearly expresses the effect of the disorder of autism to the person, but at the same time provides you in insight on how to overcome the disorder by not giving up.

9. The curious incident of the dog in the night time

(By Christopher John Francis Boone)

The curious incident of the dog in the night time

This is the perfect book depicting the story of a person who can’t imagine the feelings and thoughts of other persons. In this book, Christopher tries to explain the life he has as an autistic person with a mild effect. Christopher has an exceptional ability of mathematics and science but with the argument with his father of not obeying him he gradually becomes socially under-equipped.

Meanwhile, Christopher slowly becomes a normal person by throwing back autism behind and achieves something that a normal human being can be proud of.

This story is not only for john but for every person like us who if diagnosed with Autism can overcome the disorder if we have some special ability.

8. Autism Spectrum Disorder: The complete guide of understanding autism

(By Chantal Sicile-Kira)

Autism Spectrum Disorder: The complete guide of understanding autism

In your daily routine, what should you do and what didn’t for your health? Sometimes you are feeling very crazy about being healthy. So in this book, you can found anything related to your health. After reading these chapters, you don’t need to rush to a doctor. Those things you may be heard from a doctor like- your health, behavior, treatment and scientific problem and other types of autism, all of these solutions are available in this book.

The book can be helpful for your parents, grandparents, teachers, and anyone in the life of the child who is suffering from some disabilities. “The Complete guide of understanding autism” by Chantal Sicile-Kira. You can find all the chapters on diagnosis problem, treatment and autism problem in this book.

7. The Asperger Children’s Toolkit (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2012)

(By Francis Musgrave)

The Asperger Children’s Toolkit (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2012)

Most of the books about the autism spectrum are aimed at adults or neuro-typical peers, but Francis Musgrave’s “The Asperger Children’s Toolkit” is primarily meant for autistic children themselves. It is not a significant list of do’s and don’ts. Rather, Musgrave focuses on positive behavior using easy language directed straight to the children themselves.

The book also taught a helpful introduction to parents. This book is for how to teach our children about digital media and providing information regarding the pros and cons of the internet and social media. Also how they need to use the text messaging as well as face conundrum(Puzzle) problems that mean confusing and difficult problems.

6. It’s an Autism Thing…I’ll Help You Understand

(By Emma Dalmayne)

It’s an Autism Thing…I’ll Help You Understand

The author Emma Dalmayne, mother of six children, try to expose the fact behind a number of negative responses heard by the parents of the autistic children. Her perfect answer to this is the book called “It’s an Autism Thing…I’ll Help You Understand”.

After having diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome two years ago, she now knows much about her condition. Emma had difficulties to interact with the society at her early years and had gradually become the victim of nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

Now, leaving her past behind, Emma is now a prominent social activist. Her book ” It’s an Autism Thing…I’ll Help You Understand” is the perfect idea to get the inspiration from her difficult life diagnosed with the Autism.

Emma is also active on social media to educate the parents about the importance of Autism.

5. Andy and His Yellow Frisbee (Woodbine House, 1996)

(By Mary Thompson)

Andy and His Yellow Frisbee (Woodbine House, 1996)

I recommend this book for those persons who are surviving in between those children who are different from you. This book is written about a girl. When a new girl at school notices Andy playing alone with his yellow Frisbee (a plastic disc designed for skimming through the air and it is the type of outdoor game), who protects her older sister named Rosie, becomes tensed that she will upset Andy.

In this book, Rosie’s shows her explanations of autism. The readers of this book learn about the challenges faced by those on the autism spectrum.

At the end of a chapter of this book, the publisher also gives his best helpful and insightful list of autism facts.

4. All My Stripes: A Story for Children with Autism

( By Shaina Rudolph and Danielle Royer)

All My Stripes: A Story for Children with Autism

This book realizes that having autism is not bad although you have to be proud of the fact that God makes you different from other people, having something different in you. It is a story of a zebra who is called unique because of her body stripes.

Zane the zebra has autism, and he is worried about what his friends and classmates will make a joke of his stripes, which make him different and funny in the classroom.

As Zane learns that having disabilities is one of the many things that actually make him special, young readers will relate to Zane and realize that they, too, have to be proud of something is different in him that makes him good and strange.

3. Thinking in pictures: My life with autism

( By Dr. Grandin Temple)

Thinking in pictures: My life with autism

This storybook is written by Dr. Grandin Temple. When Grandin was a child, She loves caring for cattle and animals. She doesn’t want to go to school. She couldn’t speak and make eye contact.

When you read this book you found it helpful both for the way Grandin Temple describes her own ways of seeing the world and for the references she lists. There were reluctantly and slightly unpleasant feelings about reading this book for the first time. There are also other people who feel so close to the mirror view of my life and thinking processes.

This story is for such type of people who are suffering from tantrum(an uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration) who can’t control anger and doesn’t have any solution for frustration. Nowadays temple Grandin is also a professor of animal science at Colorado State University.

2. Uniquely Human: A different way of seeing autism

(By Dr. Barry M. Prizant )

Uniquely Human: A different way of seeing autism

A major goal of  Human is to expose false and old fashion negative stereotypes and inaccurate representations of persons with autism and the family experience. But it lacks major attention to supporting and including people with autism and related disabilities.

Embracing, supporting and respective autistic people allows us all to be more soft-hearten human being in all aspects of our lives. They enable us to understand people with learning differences, who try so hard to overcome their neurologically-based challenges.

Parents and guardian of every child have shared the fact with me that this book helped them understand their child better and take a more positive approach in raising their child.

1. Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew

(By Allen Notbohm)

Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew

It is a well-written book with a sense of humor. In this book, “ Allen Notbohm ” tells that when she was a child, she was born with autism. Her autism is one aspect of her total character, it does not define as a person. On that time she was a person without thoughts and any talents.

Her sensory perceptions are disordered, it means the ordinary sights, sounds, smell, taste, and touches of everyday life that she may not even notice in her painful journey. She just defends herself. Her hearing may be sensitive that it may be her first sense to become overstimulated. For her, receptive and expressive language proves to be difficult.

She doesn’t like other children who thought that it may not be good to make eye contact or conversation with the Autism affected person. This book helps those children and her/his parents to fill up with positivism with their disabilities.

Today, Autism has gradually become a global problem, but mainly it concerns the children of our society. Although there are a lot of books available in the markets to make us understand, it is our efforts and awareness that can strike the chord.

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